While we work with industry leading talent from around the world, Zeros 2 Heroes is led by a team of entertainment industry innovators.




Throughout his career, Matt has concentrated on the creative direction and production of projects ranging from bleeding-edge mobile games to multi-platform television series to mixed martial arts spectaculars to nationwide comic creation campaigns.  Matt was drawn to digital media during the "dot boom" of 90s and has seen it become an unrelenting transformative force... one that has redefined not just how organizations see themselves, but how they operate in the world. Matt has grown Z2H into an award-winning company whose work is recognized across North America.


Creative Director

Ryan is an experienced digital media executive and producer. With a background in finance and his work with a portfolio of international client combined with his entrepreneurial undertakings, Ryan brings both strategic and creative expertise to product design, business development, and management.


Product Manager

Formerly the Project Manager Director at one of Canada’s fastest growing retail companies, Mike oversaw the expansion of over 100+ bricks-and-mortar locations across Canada and the United States. Having made the switch to the digital media industry, Mike has worked on a variety of projects ranging from enhanced graphic novels to social media campaign management tools to bleeding-edge wearable technology apps. By leveraging his creativity and his people management skills, Mike has developed a proven track record of success.



Board of Directors

Bernie Clark spent his career as a senior executive at MDA, a world renowned leader in its field, best known for building the Canadarm and Radarsat 2—Canada’s radar remote sensing satellite.  Bernie’s positions with MDA have included EVP and General Manager of the Remote Sensing Division.  Bernie is also a noted author and speaker who has given talks on a wide range of topics connected to the intersection of environmentalism and science.  Since the founding of the company, Bernie has helped guide the corporate development of Zeros 2 Heroes Media.


Board of Directors

Throughout his 30 year career, Paul has distinguished himself in a myriad of executive and creative positions across the entertainment industry.  In addition to leading business affairs with Lucas Film and Hannah-Barbera, Paul has produced four feature-length animated films and was the Executive Producer of the live-action television series Earth: Final Conflict.  As part of the executive team that launched Network Entertainment as a public company, Paul has now turned his energies to the production of acclaimed documentary feature films.



Dr. Gregory P. Zeschuk co-founded Bioware Corp. in 1995 and went on to produce a series of genre-defining video game titles that include Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series.  Following Bioware’s acquisition by Electronic Arts, Greg became a VP at EA and General Manager of BioWare’s Austin studio.  In 2013, as a means of commemorating his contributions to the video game industry as a whole, Greg received the Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the Game Developers Choice Awards.