Animism Hints at Whistler Film Fest

It's film festival season and where better to catch some of the year's most talked about films than in gorgeous Whistler, BC. Dubbed as the next Sundance by the Globe and Mail, this five day festival featured our very own Zeros2Heroes President, Matt Toner as a special guest speaker.

During his much anticipated talk, Toner explains, "Teenagers today have a very diverse media diet. They're watching something on television, they've got their mobile phone there, they've got the computer open - that's become their way of understanding story".

Toner is certainly favouring new media consumption trends and incorporating a transmedia approach when it comes to storytelling with his upcoming project Animism: The Gods' Lake. Being developed alongside the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Toner has a few tricks up his sleeve for this multi-platform television series including alternate endings and interactive content.