Matt Toner on Super Fans - EA World Usability Day


Recently Electronic Arts Canada celebrated World Usability Day and brought in amazing guest speakers to demonstrate some of the fascinating ideas and techniques going on at EAC. Matt Toner was selected to give a thought provoking talk about How To Connect with Super Fans and shared with EAC's staff an insider look at Zeros2Heroes' "secret sauce". He spoke about how we've witnessed an incredible transformation in the digital landscape over the last ten years and how audiences have shifted from passive consumer to contributors. His studio has worked to uniquely acquire, engage and monetize audiences across demographics, platforms, and ongoing shifts in consumer media. Even though their approach has relied on equal parts technology and methodology, there were some new trends well worth considering. The attendees of this session gained knowledge on: Accessibility, UX Research, Digital Audiences, Content Strategy, Innovation Drivers, Authentic Engagement and Analytics. More over Matt drew attention to wrapping these key aspects together with a common vision of creating experiences that exceed user expectations. 

Words and Image courtesy of Electronic Arts Canada