Beyond Storytelling - A Transmedia Experience

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This March, the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association (SMPIA) played host to Multi-PlatFORUM, a two-day event dedicated to digital content creation. Zeros 2 Heroes was on site to share our work on transmedia storytelling.

Transmedia storytelling is a method of presenting stories without the confines of a single medium. Instead, a multitude of media is used to engage audiences and to enhance the storytelling experience.

One of the highlights of day one featured Transmedia Storyteller, J.C. Hutchins's presentation on transmedia storytelling through a business perspective. Hutchins explains that using online narratives not only help the growth of a story beyond paper, but it is also beneficial in guiding companies in the achievement of various marketing goals.

Z2H President, Matt Toner was also on location with co-panelist and Transmedia Specialist, Ryan Fitzgerald to present on Creative Possibilities in Transmedia Storytelling. Fitzgerald explains that the core of transmedia is really an ability to effectively utilize three thousand years worth of storytelling techniques.

Audiences will get a taste of this new media trend in the form of Z2H's latest project, Animism: The Gods' Lake - a youth-focused fantasy epic that shares its story through a television series, graphic novels, an alternate reality game, and a mobile app. 

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